We are all part of one universal energy which flows within the body through Chakras (energy centres) and around us called Aura. Depending on our emotions, if we are not thinking with a clear mind, we can store negative emotions and block our chakras which has a negative effect on us physically.


We have seven Chakras in the body, each related to an organ in the body. Unresolved emotions creates a suppression of energy flow to chakras which can lead to physical issues and we become unwell because our energy fields are out of sync. For example, if our throat chakra is blocked, emotionally this is because we have problems with communication. The blockage will affect the energy flow and cause physical problems related to that chakra, such as issues with the thyroid gland. Reiki unblocks these energy imbalances in the body so that your body can heal naturally and start to function correctly, thus restoring physical and emotional well-being.

There are many key benefits of a Reiki treatment;

• Stress reduction

• Pain management

• Aids with medical recovery

• Better clarity

• Deep relaxation

• State of peace and wellbeing

• Encourages you to ‘let go’ of any fear

• Feel refreshed

• Gain positive outlook

• Improves physical and psychological conditions

• Balances mind and emotions

• Promotes a calmer response to life challenges

• Feel more engaged and in control to make decisions

• Creates greater self-awareness

• Helps you cope better with medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, IBS, fatigue, bereavement

Before a treatment

I recommend my clients come in comfy loose clothing and ensure you are hydrated before a treatment. All clients are asked to complete a consultation form before a treatment. My clients are always made to feel relaxed and we begin with any questions that they may have. Once they are ready, they are asked to lie down on the massage table and make themselves comfortable by focusing on their breathing and background music.


During a treatment

Reiki is a hands-on treatment. You will remain fully clothed. Clients have the option to cover themselves in a blanket during the treatment. It is ‘your’ time to unwind and relax, so being comfortable is essential. Lay back, breathe and let Reiki do its work!


After a treatment

All of my clients have had different experiences depending on their individual needs. However, after a treatment they have all felt at peace, relaxed and refreshed.

Your treatment doesn’t end at the door! The well-being of my clients is of paramount importance and I will remain in contact with you within the first few days after your treatment to provide on-hand support and guidance.



I am so passionate about Reiki and helping you achieve results. In order to feel the benefits, you need to have regular treatments and therefore I work on a block booking basis. Prices are as per below;


Face to face Reiki healing:


3 sessions = £210


6 sessions = £350


Online Reiki healing:


I am now working with clients globally to provide online healing, I have worked with clients in USA, South Africa and many more!


3 sessions = £150


6 sessions = £300


If you’re new to Reiki and unsure whether healing is right for you, please feel free to contact me via the contact page and we can arrange a 15 minute online taster session.



'I had a remote session with Lorna (I live in the USA). This was my first experience and I had no idea what to expect. During the session, my throat felt full. I also felt my body relax randomly during the session, which was nice. After the session, Lorna asked whether I was having any discomfort of an abdominal nature, she had picked this up as I had recently had surgery. She mentioned that some people experience cold/flu like symptoms after a session as it releases toxins and the next two days my ears felt full and my throat was sore. It was quite interesting. I'm glad I had the experience!'