No need to worry about the distance, with the help of technology you can access me from anywhere in the world!

Regain your balance

Healing saved me at a time in my life when I had acute anxiety and stress. I was feeling overwhelmed, aggressive and burnt out. I had deeply rooted emotions that had manifested themselves into physical problems. I couldn’t think clearly because I was so disconnected and unbalanced. I went on a path of self-discovery and learnt how to self-heal and use coaching techniques, which transformed my life.

Overcome the pressures of a modern life!

I know so many women in the corporate world who feel the same as I did, they need direction and balance. Their negative emotions are holding them back and they feel disconnected and stuck. My vision is to help as many Ladies worldwide, break that feeling, to help you regain balance and become the best version of you. 

Shine Your Light Program

My 8 week online coaching program uses a combination of healing, NLP techniques and intuitive coaching. We work together on a private 1:2:1 basis and the sessions are carried out online via zoom. The program is individually catered to your needs, however, as a guideline we cover the following areas:

Program Schedule

Week One

Introductions and finding out about you

Week Two

The present – assessing where you are at in all areas of your life

Week Three


Week Four

Mindset and reframing limiting beliefs

Week Five

Eliminate negative emotions part 1

Week Six

Eliminate negative emotions part 2

Week Seven


Week Eight

Setting future goals

What You Get

How I work with 1:2:1 clients

I want to give my clients the very best of my time and attention and for this reason, I will only ever work with 4 clients at a time. In-between our 1:2:1 sessions I may set you tasks to complete and by limiting myself to 4 clients, I am able to be on-hand for any questions that you may have during your program.

If I am unable to work with you due to working with other clients, I will be delighted to add you to the waiting list, to join the next coaching period. 

As one of my clients once said ‘I knew I needed to change something but I didn’t know how’ and after her first session she was buzzing! After this 8 week program you will feel a sense of clarity, purpose and your thinking will change. You will feel unstuck, fulfilled and regain balance back in your life.

Imagine how you life would be if you shined your light! Life isn’t supposed to be a struggle, it is meant to flow with ease and grace!