How i found my passion and my calling in Reiki Healing and Transformational Coaching.

Qualified NLP & Reiki Healer

Lorna Jayne- Mindset Transformational Coach with a Holistic Approach. She started her career in travel, working in some of the worlds hidden treasures, to then pursuing her career in to the corporate world of Project Management.

Health and Wellbeing at the forefront!

Lorna started to learn more about limiting beliefs, how our thoughts shape our reality and wanted to offer something else to her clients. In 2017 she qualified as an NLP Practitioner and now coaches people online globally.

Lorna also offers health and wellbeing workshops, sharing her story about coping with mental health in a senior management position and the changes that she implemented to regain a more balanced and fulfilled life.

About Lorna

How it all began

Shortly into her career Lorna was diagnosed with stress and anxiety and was introduced to a Reiki Energy Healer. After a series of treatments, she wanted to learn more and in June 2014 she qualified as a level 1 Practitioner and started to heal herself daily. Her journey was transformational, feeling more relaxed, happier and healthier. She learned how to heal herself and make daily changes and wanted to show others how to do the same.

In April 2016, Lorna qualified as a level 2 practitioner and was inspired to share her experience and knowledge with others. She fulfilled her dream by opening The Lifestyle Balance Group in August 2016. The results her clients experienced were incredible, helping them overcome mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.